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  • The Place to Be for Jews from Across Asia

    Limmud China brings together Jews of all ages and denominations from East Asia and the world. It pushes the boundaries of Jewish learning, education and community. Together we learn, laugh, teach and make new connections while sharing anything from klezmer music to how to jar pickles.

    What is Limmud China?

    Limmud China is a unique regional gathering of Jews in East Asia. With participants and speakers from across Greater China, Singapore, Japan, India, and the Philippines, this event serves to bring together Jews living across the region to meet and contribute to this joint learning experience. Limmud is exceptional in its ability to bring people together, across borders, ideologies and cultures. It welcomes everyone and gives a voice to different kinds of Jews, with diverse backgrounds and ideas.


    Limmud China is part of a larger network of Limmud events around the world. Limmud is a global community which came to life 30 years ago in the UK, when a group of Jews got together for a retreat powered by learning through lectures, films, discussions, and workshops. it has now spread to over 40 countries. 

  • What did you miss?

    A weekend packed with learning, music, laughter and discussion. Find the full programme here

    Jews under Islam: Golden Age or Ghetto?

    with Vivian Wineman

    Vivian is regular voice on TV and radio on Jewish topics, past president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the World Jewish Congress, Co-chair of the UK's Inter Faith Network Chair of the Council of European Jewish Congress, and director of the Conference for Jewish Material Claims Against Germany

    Jews of the Silk Route: How the Bukaran community reinvents itself every hundred years

    With Mark Ellison

    Mark is a committee member of the Jewish Historical Society of Hong Kong and a financial consultant in Hong Kong

    Israeli History Through Five Songs: Can Songs Define a Generation?


    Tzedek Tzedek Tirdof: Jews in the Struggle Against Apartheid​

    with Wayne Sussman

    Wayne was the last ever child to have his Bar Mitzvah in the North West province of South Africa. He is co-chair of Limmud South Africa and on the faculty of the Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning


    Undercover Zionists: The Story of a Group of Refuseniks in Soviet Russia 

    with Osnat Ita Skoblinski

    Osnat is a journalist whose features have appeared in all the major Israeli newspapers covering women's rights, Jewish-Russian Identity, human rights and the fate of the occupied territories. She is now working on an interactive documentary about a Palestinian village with B'Tselem.

    Russian, Jewish, and Talented: The Effect of the Recent Russian Jewish Wave of Immigration on the US and Israel As Seen Through Film and Literature

    with Olga Gershenson

    Olga is Professor of Judaic and Near East Studies as well as film studies who curates film series and lectures around the world. Her books include Russian Theatre in Israel and The Phantom Holocaust

    Translating Arabic literature for Jewish audiences

    with Rahel Halabe

    Rahel is a translator whose published titles include Palestinian, Lebanese, Egyptian and Sudanese literature, teaches Hebrew at Peking University

    A Morning Yoga Experience

    with Li Yutong

    Yutong is one of the top yoga teachers in China. She has some 15 years’ experience teaching yoga. She often travel to India to study both yoga, Indian/Tibetan philosophy and breathing techniques

    Jerusalem Heroes Club: Krav maga, Jew-Jitsu, and the globalization of Mixed Martial Arts - A Workshop

    with Mike Khardas

    Mike is the founder of the Jerusalem Heroes Club, a non-profit organisation providing free self defense training for at-risk youth

    Israeli Dancing

    with Merav Cohen

    Beijing's Israeli Dancing Guru

    Asking The Most Difficult Question for Maltese Jews Around the World: Who Am I?

    Aline P'nina Tayar

    Aline is the author of the acclaimed memoir "How Shall We Sing?," and "Island of Dreams", in the process of being adapted for film

  • FAQs

    What would you like to know?



    Who runs Limmud China?

    Limmud China one of over 80 Limmud events held around the world by local communities. Limmud is an independent organisation, unattached to any denominational movement or Jewish institutional organisation, and is run almost entirely by volunteers.

    If you wish to contact the Limmud China Team, you can email them on info@limmudchina.org


    Who attends Limmud China?

    Jews of all ages and religious orientations, from China, East Asia and other parts of the world. Only a small minority of participants work professionally for the Jewish community - most are simply interested in learning.


    Does Limmud pay honoraria?

    Limmud does not pay honoraria. Limmud is dependent on the dedication of its volunteers, and a very small budget. The participatory ethos of Limmud means that a large number of participants will be giving sessions, and the vast majority of these will be paying their own way. Limmud China is only able to occasionally cover flight and registration costs for a small number of overseas presenters.




    What type of sessions are given at a Limmud conference?

    Sessions run all day, taking a wide variety of formats - from lectures to workshops, debates to exercise classes, performances to panels - and covering all areas of Jewish life, culture, arts, thought, tradition and innovation. 


    How long should my session last?

    Sessions last 60 minutes.


    How many sessions may I give?

    This is entirely up to you, however if you want to run more than two sessions please send us an email before filling out the Session Form.


    How many people will attend my session?

    That is impossible to tell. The best way to encourage people to attend your sessions is to make sure that the titles and descriptions which you provide for the Programme Handbook are interesting and attractive to the prospective audience. There will usually be around three or four sessions happening concurrently for participants to chose from. Having said that, if you need to restrict the numbers attending for any reason reason, do indicate this on the Session Form.


    If relevant, what knowledge of Hebrew/Talmud/Jewish/Historical knowledge should I expect from people attending my sessions?

    Participants at Limmud Conference come from across the entire Jewish spectrum in terms of background, experience and knowledge. So as not to exclude anyone, we recommend that handouts be accessible to those with a limited knowledge of Hebrew and texts, and that you supply texts in translation wherever possible. If a particular session does require more advanced knowledge in a particular area, or proficiency in Hebrew, please indicate this clearly on the Session Form, so that the session can be identified as such in the Programme Handbook.


    Can I give two linked sessions?

    Yes, certainly. they can enable you to teach in greater depth. We refer to these series of sessions as 'Intensives.'

    If you decide to offer a series of linked sessions, but each session in the series can also be attended on its own (ie without having attended the previous sessions), do make sure to make this clear in the session description.


    What other types of sessions are there?

    As well as straightforward lectures, there are a whole variety of types of sessions - workshops, panel debates, art classes, music jam sessions and so on. Think creatively.


    Can I distribute information about my organisation?

    You are welcome to bring a small number of flyers and other printed matter to Limmud China, and these will be displayed along with those from other organisations on a table in a communal area. We request that you do not distribute these at sessions. If your organisation would like to have its own stand, please get in touch at info@limmudchina.org

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